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WHY – Our Purpose

If you don’t know what ‘enough’ looks like, then you’ll never know whether you have it.

And if you don’t know whether you have it, then you’ll always live the life of someone who doesn’t have ‘enough’… even if you do.

So, it’s all in the KNOWING you have ‘enough’ and not the actual HAVING.

Once you know… you need to keep on knowing (as life changes).

Enabling you to have the confidence and peace of mind about living the life you really want (and if you don’t know what that looks like, we can help too).

This is our purpose.


HOW – Our Process

Our Suitable FinLife Planning Service consists of an initial and ongoing programme:


Focussing on the Financial Planning element – to help you answer what enough looks like

A 6-step, 5-meeting process meeting with us virtually over Zoom video call from the comfort of your own home or when you are at work.


We will then discuss the level of ongoing support you require, that continually revisits the financial planning and now also looks in more detail at your wealth, life and legacy planning – the 3 other main aspects of a suitably well planned life

Your life and finances continually change and transition through internal or external events and factors, so it is key that you are always up-to-date.


WHAT – Your Result

To have answers to the following 4 big questions:

1. Do you have enough and will you always have enough money to live the life you want?

2. How well do you understand the risk, return, cost and structure of your wealth now and into the future?

3. How clear are you about what you want to do in your life, with the finite time you have left?

4. What is the best way and when is the best time for you to pass on what you have worked so hard for?

All leading to you having ‘Financial Clarity for Life’.


Andrew and Gail P

“Time is very important and we didn’t know at the start of the journey if we had enough to live the life we wanted. Working with Suitable Life gave us the reassurance that we did actually have enough money but also that we could go down different paths to enjoy the rest of our time available. It was all mapped out and easy to understand. It was a real reality check. I would recommend it to anybody who needs clarity around their financial future or has a purpose in mind.”

George and Marjory D

"Having had to deal with a number of family health issues recently, Jon & the team at Suitable Life made the whole process of Wills, Trusts and estate planning as painless as possible. They explained everything in easy to understand language and followed it up with copious notes in plain English. They have been on hand during and outside normal office hours & we’ve found their service to be excellent in every respect."

Matthew and Kimi G

"Excellent professional service from start to finish from Suitable Life. Excellent communications and very knowledgeable on a wide range of financial & tax matters - including HMO mortgages, landlord taxation (especially with section 24), life insurance & long term planning. Would have no hesitation in recommending them to others and I am continuing to use them myself."

Sarah and Mathew B

" We can thoroughly recommend Suitable Life and have been extremely impressed with the advice and service that we received. Nothing was too much trouble, they explained everything in easy to understand language, and they made the complex .. simple to understand. We will continue to use their services into the future."

Spencer and Anita B

"As small business owners and Property investors we had reached the stage where our financial world had got pretty complicated, and I was looking for more than just financial advice on pensions and investments which is all I was receiving from my then current IFA. Jon & the team at Suitable Life have now worked with us for over 18 months and are continually helping us to make sense of our financial life, and all the aspects that make up our financial world – which are more than just pensions and where our money is invested. Jon’s vast knowledge of everything property & financial has helped us greatly and I look forward to working with him & the team well into the future."

Jean E

"At a difficult time of family bereavement, Jon & Suitable Life made things very simple for what initially seemed very complicated. I cannot thank them enough for their help and professionalism throughout my dealings with them and I would highly recommend."

Hilary T

"I found Suitable Life friendly with a professional approach to providing help & advice. I felt all my questions were answered fully & they were always available when needed to help. Wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for estate planning or financial planning."

WHO - A Suitable Story

Located in Poole, Dorset and serving clients all over the UK thanks to the use of technology, Suitable Life is the umbrella that brings together three companies that between them deliver the 4 crucial aspects of Financial Life (or FinLife) planning.

  • Suitable FinLife Planning: Giving people clarity on what they want their life to look like, what money they need and what they actually have now and into the future.
  • Suitable Money Advice: Where required, giving regulated financial advice and ongoing investment management on things such as pensions (incl. SSAS), life cover, etc.
  • Suitable Legacy Planning: Solving complex death and lifetime legacy planning issues – especially IHT mitigation.

Suitable Life is about clarity. Bringing clarity to your financial affairs by planning for your long-term business, personal and family lifestyle objectives. The majority of people only plan so far ahead and few have a real idea of the consequences of the life and financial decisions that they make today and the effect they’ll have on their long term future. Suitable Life removes the guesswork, providing that much needed clarity and certainty of what your financial future really looks like.

We’re not a huge financial conglomerate. We’re a boutique business that provides a personal service to each and every client.

Our business is a small team of people and we’ll bring in or work with other expertise as and when required. One of the key things we get our clients to focus on is ‘life’ – what they want from it, what they need from it.

We then want to mould their money around the vision of their life, so they can properly see how things will potentially pan out.

I practice what I preach, so Suitable Life is moulded to fit in with my lifestyle but without compromising on delivering ‘Financial Clarity for Life’ through giving help and support when needed, and you will need it…

I want you to live a happy life. A suitable one.

And this is the first step towards it.

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The Why

We help you achieve ‘FINANCIAL CLARITY FOR LIFE’ enabling you to know what ‘enough’ looks like and make smarter decisions so that you can enjoy your desired quality of life… today.
“Your life is not about making money,
your money is about making a life.”
Mitch Anthony

Four Reasons we do what we do

We help you to be be confident around your financials, have insight into your wealth, live your life by design, and be certain about your legacy. Ultimately we want you to have ‘Financial Clarity for Life’ about your life and your money.

1. We want you to understand what’s important to you

Becoming fully aware about your intentions & commitments is the first step to living the life you want. Our job is to help you focus on what you really care about.

2. We want to help you make better decisions about your future

We find that the subject of money can often affect your future the most but is often the subject that excites you the least – it’s a hard one to understand and even harder to love. We help make it more meaningful, challenging assumptions, contributing ideas… That’s why we exist.

3. Life is unpredictable

Goals & objectives change, priorities change, resources change, markets change. We believe that a successful life comes when you engage regularly to adapt your financial plan as your life unfolds – making sound financial decisions along the way is fundamental to living a happy & suitable life.

Your continued updating & improving of the plan helps you become confident about the future and what life stages & transitions are still to come. It is always better to be prepared before a life event or transition rather than repair after one happens.

4. What trade-offs are you willing to make to achieve the life you want to live?

Almost anything is possible, but not everything is possible. We work together to assess the various trade-offs based on factors that you can control to help you make clearer, informed, intentional decisions. Because when you can make better choices, you can live the life you want.

The What

We take you on a journey through the 4 aspects of Financial Life Planning

  • Financial Planning
  • Wealth Planning
  • Life Planning
  • Legacy Planning

Our initial programme focusses on financial planning

  • We clarify how you see your life today, what your current life and lifestyle looks like, together with what your main priorities look like
  • We want to understand how you see the future, and how your life and lifestyle will change over time
  • We help you map out you and your family’s life stages, events & transitions
  • We will set out what financial requirements are needed to achieve your life plan, and what financial resources you actually have
  • We will model what today and into the future looks like, financially, and show you how decisions made today can affect the future
  • We will create a roadmap to help you understand your financial life, and the issues that need dealing with you and into the future

Our ongoing programme focusses on all of the aspects – from financial, to wealth, life and legacy planning

  • Similarly to going to the gym, Financial Life Planning only works as a continuous process. We therefore continually repeat this process, forward planning each element year on year, to ensure that the plan is updated and revised to reflect changing needs as your life is never static
  • Via Suitable Money, we discuss, advise & action the right financial products (if indeed you need any) to help you achieve your life plan. As Independent Financial Planners we are qualified & regulated to advise on the entire market range of investments and savings vehicles
  • Via Suitable Legacy, we ensure your assets are protected & you leave a lasting financial legacy for those you love
  • We help facilitate the transfer of wealth between the generations in your family
  • We are on hand, throughout your life, as and when needed to resolve issues or forward plan so these issues don’t occur in the first place
  • Ultimately, we give you security and peace of mind to live the life that you want to, without the fear of running out of money


The How - Initially

We start with our FinLife Initial Programme – a 6-step, 5-meeting process – all geared around helping you understand ‘what enough looks like’ and trying to get that initial understanding of ‘enough for what’ as that is such a huge topic and for many people keeps changing over time.

The How - Ongoing

After our Initial Programme, you are able to subscribe to our Ongoing Programme, as no plan survives contact with the ground.
Our ‘Finlife Model’ and ‘FinLife Roadmap’ is not about creating a static, crystallised vision of your financial life. It’s about giving you an idea of what things might look like, under a range of different circumstances and assumptions.
Our model and roadmap are designed to change and adapt to our lives – everything that life throws at us – as plainly things will change, life and finances always do.
Our smart clients don’t see our fees as a pure money cost or expense, our fees are about the value we add to you, our client, your finances and ultimately your life.


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