Suitable Life on Qwil

We are firm believers that technology should be embraced to improve both the security and efficiency of all aspects of our business. If you’re dealt with any other financial firms before, you’ve probably become accustomed to swapping your personal information via email and having to trawl through your inbox to find the latest update. We believe this is inefficient.

In one shape or another, emails have existed for almost 50 years, so it’s hard to believe they are still the most effective tool today. Now that almost everybody has access to a smartphone or home computer, security does not need to be sacrificed for convenience, ease of use or flexibility.

Believe it or not, you can never guarantee an email is sent or received securely. Emails are sent by being routed through a number of computer servers, which leaves quite a lengthy digital journey for it to be intercepted, lost or altered.

We looked long and hard at various solutions to the problem, and we have tried to use more commonly used apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram. Thankfully, a new app has arrived on your appstore tailor made for situations like ours. Best of all, as this app grows you’ll be able to talk to more and more businesses – all from the same login! Qwil Messenger is a secure environment for you to chat with us, share files with us and allow us to quickly iterate on document drafts.When you message Suitable Life on Qwil, you’ll also reach all of us, which means the best person to respond always will! Making your life simpler.

We’re also very security conscious, so we don’t embrace just any technology. For a time, we believed Telegram was our answer. In truth, Telegram satisfies all of our security concerns, but it is not an application many of our clients are used to using. Next, we used WhatsApp purely for the convenience it offered, whilst accepting some compromises from our end in terms of ease of access. Qwil works very similarly to WhatsApp from your perspective, so you’re already an expert! From our end, it’s a much more efficient way to talk to client families and allow each of us to keep up to date with the discussion.

Qwil has built end-to-end encryption into the all versions of their app. When end-to-end encrypted, your messages and calls are secured so only you and Suitable Life can read or listen to them, and nobody in between, not even Qwil.

It can be downloaded on your app store of choice, or you can use Qwil on your desktop. To make things super easy, the links are included below. To get started, simply download the app and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll invite you into a group chat with the rest of your family, as well as allowing you to contact us individually if more privacy is required.

It really is a much more efficient way of communicating, and it would be good if you set it up that you set notifications “on” so that you are aware when we have sent you a message or replied to one of yours – otherwise we’ll end up sending you a message followed by an email telling you we’ve sent you a message because you hadn’t responded …!

Also, as a client family, it would be good that all those we deal with (both of you if in a couple) get set up on Qwil, so that we can create a Group of you both and us, so that we have one channel that we are communicating in that both of you and all of us can see.

To make things easy, I have included links to download WhatsApp below: