FinLife Management

Now that we have the plan in place we move into an even more important phase, that of FinLife Management. We know what you want to accomplish, we are now on hand throughout your real life helping you through the trade-offs you are willing to make to achieve the life you want to live. Think of us as the co-pilot to your financial life.

We focus on the factors that you can control, identifying areas that may need improvement or immediate action.

On an ongoing basis, we'll talk about things you can do during your lifetime which will also benefit you, your family or your legacy in the long run. We break these elements down to:

  • Your Legacy
  • Your Life
  • Your Financial Life

Your Legacy

We will help you clarify what you want your legacy to be, talk to you about any Inheritance Tax issues that there may be (and potential mitigation strategies – there is no silver bullet), help you plan for any Inter-Generational Wealth Transfer, explain the advantages and disadvantages of Lifetime Trusts & Lifetime Gifting, and help you understand & plan for your Digital Legacy.

If any further Specialist Estate Planning is required, we are on hand to help you understand the complexities.

Your Life

We help you understand what comes next in your life? What are your hopes, dreams, what things are possible with the money that you have.

Is it retirement or semi retirement? Or is it more Life 2.0?

We help you focus on getting a Return on Life (ROL) and not just a Return on Investment (ROI).

Your FinLife

Change is constant in everyone's financial life. We meet on an ongoing basis to help you make informed financial decisions, such as what one-off expenditure can be made and when. How & when do you transfer wealth down the generation(s) and in as tax efficient way as possible. If you are a business owner, what succession plan is in place or what exit strategy? As a property investor, does your ongoing investment strategy need to evolve, how and when do you pay down debt, if at all?

It is our role to ensure your finplan is current and reflects your personal circumstances - it is a plan for life, and often the process of planning is more important than the actual plan output.

This is just a flavour of our ongoing service – as today’s plan always needs refining as your life changes (it never stands still) or external life factors come in to play.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) does not regulate financial life planning & financial modelling. As Suitable FinLife Planning does not offer regulated financial advice and only offers financial life planning, financial modelling & general, non-specific, money guidance, Suitable FinLife Planning Ltd is not authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.