To help you understand "Do you have enough?" and "Will you always have enough?", but perhaps more importantly to help you understand "Enough for what?", so that you can live the life you truly want.

The answers to these questions & how they interact will often change over time. Through continuous update & improvement we help you plan to be financially secure as well as financially free, ensuring you can make big decisions, confidently.

YOU are our client, not your money.


You have a real problem in knowing how much you really need for the rest of your life, how much is enough? You can afford almost anything (within reason) but not everything, so trade-offs may need to be made. Our initial 8-step process starts your journey to a 'suitable life' - helping you understand the lifestyle you want, how much money you need & have, what changes may need to be made to that money so that it will last, and the protection of what you've spent your lifetime building so that you and your family will be OK, no matter what happens.


Each stage of your journey is covered within a structured meeting process. You'll meet with us virtually, from the comfort of you own home, via video call. We will help you PLAN, DESIGN, SKETCH, BUILD & PROTECT your current & future life and lifestyle.

WHO - A Suitable Story

Located in Poole, Dorset and serving clients all over the UK thanks to the use of technology, Suitable Life is the umbrella business that brings together three crucial parts of the financial life planning process.

  • Suitable Financial Life (FinLife) Planning: Giving people clarity on what they want their life to look like, what money they need and what they actually have
  • Suitable Wealth Management: Where required, giving regulated financial advice and ongoing investment management
  • Suitable Estate Planning: Solving complex death and lifetime estate planning issues

Suitable Life is about clarity. Bringing clarity to your financial affairs by planning for your long-term business, personal and family lifestyle objectives. The majority of people only plan so far ahead and few have a real idea what their financial future looks like. Suitable Life removes the guesswork and provides that much needed clarity and certainty.

We’re not a huge financial conglomerate. We’re a boutique business that provides a personal service.

The business is pretty much me - and I make no apologies for that - but bringing in other expertise as and when required. One of the key things we get our clients to focus on is ‘life’ - what they want from it, what they need from it.

I practice what I preach, so Suitable Life is moulded to fit in with my lifestyle but without compromising on that clarity I mentioned below and the help and support you need, when you need it.

I want you to live a happy life. A suitable one.

And this is the first step towards it.


We'll help you understand "Do you have enough?" and "Will you always have enough?", but perhaps more importantly, to help you understand "Enough for what?", so that you can live the life you truly want.
"Your life is not about making money,
your money is about making a life."
Mitch Anthony
Four Reasons we do what we do

We help you be clear, confident and in control when you think about your life and your money.

1. We want you to understand what's important to you

Gaining clarity about your intentions & commitments is the first step to living the life you want. Our job is to help you focus on what you really care about.

2. We want to help you make better decisions about your future

We find that the subject of money can often affect your future the most but is often the subject that excites you the least - it's a hard one to understand and even harder to love. We help make it more meaningful, challenging assumptions, contributing ideas... That's why we exist.

3. Life is unpredictable

Goals & objectives change, priorities change, resources change, markets change. We believe that a successful life comes when you engage regularly to adapt your financial plan as your life unfolds - making sound financial decisions along the way is fundamental to living a happy & suitable life.

Your continued updating & improving of the plan helps you become confident about the future and what life stages & transitions are still to come. It is always better to be prepared before a life event or transition rather than repair after one happens.

4. What trade-offs are you willing to make to achieve the life you want to live?

Almost anything is possible, but not everything is possible. We work together to assess the various trade-offs based on factors that you can control to help you make clearer, informed, intentional decisions. Because when you can make better choices, you can live the life you want.


We take you on a journey through Financial Life Planning, Wealth Planning, and Estate & Legacy Planning

  • Via Suitable FinLife, we clarify what you want your current & future lifestyle to look like
  • We help you map out you and your family's life events & transitions
  • We will set out what financial requirements are needed to achieve your life plan, and what financial resources you actually have
  • Via Suitable Wealth, we discuss, advise & action the right financial products (if indeed you need any) to help you achieve your life plan. As Independent Financial Planners we are qualified & regulated to advise on the entire market range of investments and savings vehicles
  • Via Suitable Estate, we ensure your assets are protected & you leave a lasting financial legacy for those you love
  • Similarly to going to the gym, Financial Life Planning only works as a continuous process. We therefore continually repeat this process, forward planning each element year on year, to ensure that the plan is updated and revised to reflect changing needs as your life is never static
  • We help facilitate the transfer of wealth between the generations in your family
THE HOW - Initially

Site Survey Stage

Starting with an Initial Meeting, we'll understand where you are now and what you are looking for. We'll give you a flavour of what we do, and we can decide are we right for each other

Are you following our full process, in order - from Financial Life Planning, through Wealth Planning, and onto Protection Planning for your estate. Or are you following a bespoke pathway?


We need a full understanding of where you want to be and what's the big question?

Not just financially, but from a human perspective for yourselves and your family - Enough? Enough for what?


If we've given each other the go-ahead, then we'll need to go through a detailed data gathering process.

Be prepared to do some work and an in-depth meeting


We've collated all the information, and have ascertained the lifestyle you currently live and what you want for the future.

We'll show you some sketch designs of different options you have available to you, looking to finalise a 'Life Plan'


You've received an agreed plan, this isn't the end .... it is just the beginning.

They'll be actions to take to make it a reality.

Your 'Life Plan' may also have highlighted some areas in your financial situation that could be improved.

& Build

You may need regulated financial advice - which will be provided by Suitable Wealth - so a recommendation through to implementation.


You'll want to protect what you have, to ensure your family are looked after and not caused unnecessary pain & stress at what would be an emotional time.

This stage involves a series of meetings to identify estate planning issues and design & build the solutions.

Meet the Team

Jon Rose

Jon Rose

Principal and Financial Life Planner

Paul Kutchera

Financial Planner

Dipak Davé

Life Planner


Claire Rose


Team Member - No Picture

Jenni Senior

Practice Manager

Team Member - No Picture

Diane Barnes

Legal Administrator

Team Member - No Picture

Lewis Conning

Financial Planning Associate

We can offer the following

Life Planning

Financial Planning

FinLife Planning

Wealth Management

Tax Planning

Later Life Planning

Estate Planning

Lifetime Cashflow Modelling

Financial & Behavioural Coaching


Website Relaunch

Up until now our services have been catered to a very specific group of clients, and word of mouth has been enough to grow the business. The inevitable next step for us was to develop our online presence, and provide a one stop shop to find out everything you need to know before approaching us as Financial Life Planners.

Suitable Life on Qwil

We are firm believers that technology should be embraced to improve both the security and efficiency of all aspects of our business. If you’re dealt with any other financial firms…


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