Jenni Senior


Financial Services Administration since 1993, Full Financial Planning Certificate

Get to know Jenni…

What is your favourite part of your job?

I love paper!

What is your unique selling point?

My years of experience and like speaking with clients

Why do you enjoy working for Suitable FinLife?

Very friendly and family orientated.

Favourite meal?

I like a nice steak but also love pasta and rice dishes

Favourite band?

Pink Floyd – We have seen David Gilmour twice and there is no finer guitar player in my eyes

Favourite place to travel?

I love Rome but there is a lot more World out there to see

Favourite day of the week?

Sunday, its a family day

Favourite TV show?

For comedy I like Big Bang Theory, but I also like Peaky Blinders and Breaking Bad for more serious viewing

Favourite season?

I like them all for different reasons – Spring for new garden growth, Summer for the sunshine, Autumn for the colours and Winter for the frost and snow