Jon Rose


Jon's background is not in the financial services profession, which he sees as a distinct advantage! Having run a number of his own businesses since 1998, been a property investor since 1995 & a portfolio landlord since 2011, and passed a considerable number of exams over the past 4 years he brings a wealth of business, financial & life experience to Suitable Life.

As the founder of the business, he is passionate about helping clients become more aware of what they want, what they need & what they have to ensure they know where they are heading financially, knowing what they need to do to secure their desired lifestyle and have greater clarity on what legacy means to them.

Get to know Jon...

What is your favourite part of your job?

Its varied nature, as I get to meet so many different families with differing circumstances. It means the role never becomes boring, and you are always learning

What is your unique selling point?

Not having a background in financial services, I look at things a little differently from a traditional IFA. I very much focus on the whole of a client's financial life and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in business, life & financial matters

Why do you enjoy working for Suitable FinLife?

As a curious person, I get to speak to lots of different families with lots of different circumstances or issues. I love finding out about that family and helping them resolve any issues and achieve greater awareness & choice in their financial life

Tell us something that not many people know about you

I once sold racehorses for a living - not the best investment you can make, believe me

Favourite meal?

Without doubt.... Chinese (when Claire will let me!)

Favourite Film?

The Godfather 2 (& Godfather 1, but the sequel is the only film I've ever seen that was better than the original)

Favourite band?

If pushed, I'd say the Killers, but I am more a House & Trance music fan and love the DJ Armin van Buuren (who the hell is that I hear you say!)

Favourite place to travel?

Thus far ... Thailand. Albeit I have to admit to having been to Tenerife well over 25 times

Favourite day of the week?

Sunday - I do love a Sunday paper, albeit now with little ones I don't get much of a chance these days

Favourite TV show?

Prime Suspect - all 7 series were great! If we are talking a more recent one - Line of Duty

Favourite season?

Summer - without a doubt .... love the longer days