What makes us different

  • We focus on making a complex financial life plan simple to understand & meaningful to you
  • We clarify what you need to plan for, helping you enjoy & protect your family and your lifestyle
  • We are open, honest & non-judgemental, but expect us to challenge what we see
  • We provide perspective, experience & clarity and help you deal with your financial fears & biases
  • We encourage, educate and include the necessary accountability along the way – think of us as your financial trainer, planner & coach
  • We are not interested in just selling financial products or just managing your money for a % fee
  • As we are not paid by a % fee of your assets, we are free from potential conflict when giving guidance or advice – we have an impartial view on all asset classes
  • Assuming circumstances are right, we will positively encourage the spending of your wealth
  • We realise life is not a rehearsal and want you to have time well spent

  • Predict the movements of the stock or property market – no one can
  • Forecast the movement of interest rates
  • Second guess timing the market – we believe in staying invested & not trying to time the market
  • Pick hot stocks / shares / funds – no one can consistently
  • Control market volatility
  • Manage your money without having drafted a financial life plan
  • Focus on things that are outside of our control